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April 1, 2009:  Vol. 1 No. 9
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Doctrinal Summarization  

Text:  Systematic Theology: Volume VII
by Lewis Sperry Chafer, D.D., Litt.D.


Abiding -- Ascension


Daniel S. Waite, M.A., M.Div.,  Instructor  
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Presently The Class Is In Volume Seven
Discussing Summation of Doctrine

"On the other hand, it is clear that the word of exhortation directs the believer to remain in communion  with Christ as He remained in communion with His Father" (Chafer v7 3)

:"A branch in Him will go to heaven without being fruitful, though unfruitfulness must be accounted for in the loss of rewards before Christ's judgment seat in heaven" (Chafer v7 4).

"The race is thus divided into two main classifications:  those in Adam, lost and undone, and those in Christ, saved and secure forever" (Chafer v7 7).

"The subject in view is clearly universal death through Adam and Universal resurrection through Christ" (Chafer v7 8).

"The Bible recognizes the usual meaning of the word  adoption,  which is the placing of one rightfully outside blood ties into the position of a legal child (not, a natural child) in the family" (Chafer v7 9).

"The final placing as exalted mature sons awaits the redemption of the body, which will occur at the return of Christ (Rom. 8:23)" (Chafer v7 11).

"In its Biblical or spiritual meaning, advocacy represents divine enablement and assistance.  Two persons of the Godhead are recognized as Advocates" (Chafer v7 11).

"Angels are generally classified as unfallen or holy angels (Mark 8:38) and fallen (Matt. 25:41).  There will yet be war in heaven between the two classes of angels (Rev. 12:7-10).  The fallen angels are either free (cf. the demons) or bound (2 Peter 2:4; Jude 1:6)" (Chafer v7 15).

"To deny the Genesis account is not only a denial of that portion of God's revelation, but becomes a fostering and sustaining of unbelief respecting every word of God has spoken" (Chafer v7 15).

"Two words of quite different meaning are often confused, namely, apostasy  and  heresy"  (Chafer v7 17).

"Thus Christ the true High Priest presented His own blood and the acceptance of the sacrifice for sinners answers every need of the sinner forever" (Chafer v7 20).


A Study of The Words of God Through the Study of Systematic Theology
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